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Frequently asked questions

What is Wire Transfer payment method?

Wire transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer where money is sent from one bank to another, typically for large transactions or international payments, using a secure network. It involves direct communication between banks to facilitate swift and secure financial transactions.

How long do Wire Transfers take?

Electronic money transfers are a swift means of sending or receiving funds. In the United States, such transfers typically clear within 24 hours, while international wire transfers usually require two business days. However, depending on the destination and the timing of the transfer, the process can extend up to five days.

Why Credit Card/Debit Card payment is not showing?

To pay by card please contact us first and our team will send you an invoice. Contact us at: sales@quatracore.com

What occurs if the item I've paid for is unavailable in stock?

Our team is committed to promptly processing a complete refund within 24 hours, with the credited amount expected to reflect in your account within 4-5 days. To ensure a seamless experience in the future, we kindly advise confirming the best price and stock availability by contacting us before placing any orders.

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